alessandra-picAlessandra Cappuccini started her carrier as an actress when she was really young, in 1999, in Viterbo, touring Italy with “Teatro S. Leonardo Company”, playing in shows for kids ( such as “The Beauty and the Beast” and “Robin Hood”) and grown ups (such as “La Locandiera”, “Le furberie di Scapino”, ecc.).

In 2005 she graduated with honors in Set Design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. She worked both in Italy and abroad as a costume designer, scene painter and set designer for several directors and plays (between them: Mario Missiroli, Alessandro Riccio, Niall Jordan, Andrew Lummis, Simon Manahan, Alan Kinsella). She was also a scene painter for the Italian tv show “Carabinieri 7”.

In the same year (2005) she moved to Dublin, Ireland, where she lived for 4 years, and where she got her Performance Diploma (FETAC level 6) with the final mark “Merit”, at the “Liberties college”.

In Ireland she worked as an actress in several plays, with different directors (Antonette Duffy, Noelia Ruiz, Niall Jordan, Simon Manahan, Alan Kinsella, Nevel Style) and as a dancer in the “Dublin Youth Dance Company”, for the choreographer Mariam Ribon. She did also the voice over for “Martini” (the famous Italian drink) in an add for the radio.

In Italy she specialized in “commedia dell’arte” at the “Accademia Internazionale della Commedia dell’Arte” of “Piccolo Teatro di Milano Teatro d’Europa”, directed by Ferruccio Solieri.

From January 2010 she works for the company “Circomare Teatro”, specialized in the use of commedia dell’arte as expressive tool, and she is one of the main actors of the company.

Both in Italy and abroad she took part in several workshops to deepen specific aspects ( “acting for camera” with John Dawson, “consciousness of space and movements” with Antonette Duffy, “ Shakespearean monologues” with Andy Hinds, “notte e giorno Peter Pan”, with Laura Pasetti and Elisabetta Ghetti, ecc.).