The association E.U.R.E.C.A. (Energie Unite per la Ricerca, l’Educazione, la Cultura e l’Arte) was born in 2004 in Viterbo (Italy) with the goal to contribute to the well-being of the society through the diffusion of art and culture. Since 2004 it’s been realizing music courses for young people and musical propaedeutics workshops for nursery and primary  schools.
Between 2005 and 2006 it realized three editions of the musical festival «digressioni musicali», with the goal of giving visibility to the young musicians of the province of Viterbo. Periodically it realizes meetings and musical formation courses with the biggest names of the Italian musical scene (singers, musicians, teachers, producers).
Since 2010 it has been holding foreigner languages and eastern language and culture courses, to improve the international mobility of the youth and the knowledge of extra-European cultures for the young people of Viterbo. Periodically it realizes free meetings named «I LOVE ENGLISH – Aperitivo linguistico», in important cafés of the town, where people can improve their English and practice conversation, with the help of teachers. In those meetings anyone can participate without paying any fee.
Since 2010 it’s been activating photography courses as well, held by Lietta Granato, who graduated  in photography at the «Westminster University» of London with a theses on therapeutic photography. The students of the course realized two exhibitions of their works, titled «10×3», that grabbed the attention of the press as well.

In 2011 it realized the project titled «finding your identity – phototherapy training course» (4.3 action of the Youth in Action programme).